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The 6-Day Kid Blanket

Hi, Crochet Lovers! I’d like to present you another stunning blanket pattern. The 6-Day Kid Blanket is a cool and pleasing to the eye blanket which will give color to each room. Pattern is written by Betty McKnit and it’s the most stunning design ever! For free you can download it below! Enjoy! 

The 6 Day Kid Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate, Craft: Crochet, Designed by: Betty McKnit

The 6-Day Kid Blanket
photos by Hanan – Save on Pinterest!

NOTE: Free pattern you can simply download from here. More about 6 Day Kid blanket find here!


  1. Jodie Jodie May 1, 2018

    Do you have a pattern for the border? The links just keep going from here to pinterest and back, with no sign of any patterns anywhere.


  2. ABuon ABuon June 14, 2018

    The link sends me to facebook and when I sign in it says there is an error. Please fix. Thanks!

  3. Carol Monson Carol Monson June 16, 2018

    Have attempted to get the free pattern for the 6-day baby blanket and have done everything there was to do and still cannot get this completed. I go to facebook which is already signed in and I do it again and then an error comes up that says “Something went wrong” and to close browser and return again. Done that couple of dozen times. What’s the deal? thank you

  4. Lisa Lisa June 28, 2018

    Can’t find 6 day kid blanket pattern anywhere. Help ?!

  5. Brenda Dorey Brenda Dorey July 7, 2018

    Hi Carol …google crochet 6 day baby or kid blanket and click on the one that says
    Ravelry and there is the free download OR you can go on this page above comments where it has picture of the blanket and under picture it says ” Note : Free pattern you can simply download from HERE. More about 6 day kid blanket find HERE ! Click onto the word HERE. You will get a page that says DIY SMARTLY 6 day kid blanket . Scroll to bottom where it says ” Save on Pinterest ” above that box click on the THIS PATTERN IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE . It will bring you to the Ravelry page

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