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6 – Stitches Aran Throw [Free Crochet Pattern]

In this 6 – Stitches Aran Throw crochet pattern we will find 6 stitches pattern included! Popcorn stitch, Diamond stitch, Cable stitch, Arrow stitch, Celtic Weave and Basketweave. Afghan will help you decor your home or can be wonderful gift idea for friends and family. Link for free PDF pattern is below!

6 - Stitches Aran Throw [Free Crochet Pattern]

Skill Level: IntermediateCraft: Crochet

6 – Stitches Aran Throw – Download Free PDF pattern or …


  1. Lili Pilotte Lili Pilotte February 17, 2018

    Very sad have gone round and round to find this pattern, but keep on running into “Aran Hearts Throw”, by Bonny Barker, off of the Red Heart site. While this pattern does have some of the same stitches it does not have all of them, like the celtic Weave, Basketweave, and cable stitch. Sooo where will I find the changes to the pattern?

    • iulia iulia February 24, 2018

      This is The Holiday Cables Throw, you can find a tutorial on YouTube

    • elle elle March 1, 2018

      I agree, ridiculously difficult to find, but I did keep searching about and if you can find Basketweave Diamond Throw on the same site (or through Pinterest) you can get to Red Heart ‘Basketweave Diamond Throw and Pillow’ pdf pattern. Once you know that its also available on the site (couldn’t find it on the site) – ref no LW2919. Not sure if its exactly like this blanket but I think all the elements are covered between this one and the Red Heart Aran Hearts Throw that this site takes you.

  2. Sandie Hopkins Sandie Hopkins April 9, 2018

    I had no problem finding the pattern. mainly because I have come across many like this where the link is quite hard to find. I wish I could include a screen snapshot, but it wont allow me to insert it in the comments, but under the picture of this, you will see SKILL LEVEL, and directly under that is the link to get the pdf file for the pattern. 🙂

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